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I use two types of equipment to measure for radon in homes and buildings.

My primary method of testing for radon in air is the Sun Nuclear Model 1027 continuous radon monitor. The 1027 is a very reliable piece of equipment.  It has been for many years, and continues to be the workhorse for radon testing in the home inspection business.  It is accepted by the EPA as a qualified device for radon testing in real estate transactions.


Throughout the testing time frame, the 1027 records a measurement once every hour.  It stores the measurements in its memory.  When the data is transferred at the end of the test, the software uses all of the measurements to conclude and average reading for the entire test.

The Sun Nuclear 1027 Continuous Radon Monitor




Now and then, circumstances such as no electrical power might require a different method be used to test for radon in air.  In these cases I may use Radelec E-Perm chambers.  These devices are also reliable.  They are delivered to a lab at the end of the test.  The lab calculates the results and submits a report which I then forward to the interested party.






                               E-Perm Electret Ion Chamber (EIC)

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